QuickBooks Online 2016 Simple Start [Download or Boxed]

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Includes a 1 year subscription to QuickBooks Online Simple Start with a 60 Day Money Back Gaurantee. For businesses just getting started, QuickBooks Online Simple Start helps small businesses easily track sales and expenses anytime, anywhere.

Features include:

• Create & Manage Invoices. Create and customize invoices to request payment from
customers promptly and professionally.

 Track Sales & Expenses. Easily keep tabs on money in and money out and get
organized for tax time with sales and expenses tracking.

• Reporting. Customize and run up to 20 reports. Reports such as profit & loss, balance
sheets, and sales give small business owners valuable insights into their business’
performance and opportunities for growth.

• Customer Center. Quickly access important customer information, including contact
details, outstanding balances and recent transactions. The Customer Center is also
completely searchable so users can quickly find customer information right when they
need it.

• Online Banking. Automatically download online banking transactions from bank or
credit card accounts directly into QuickBooks Online, significantly simplifying cash
flow management.

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